Sannai Company

The Sannai Company lies nestled in a marvelous corner of northern Sardinia on the eastern slope of Mount Plebi,

approximately three mi. (6 km) from the city of Olbia. Surrounded by the Mediterranean, its four acres (2 hectares) boast breathtaking views of Porto Rotondo and some of the Emerald Coast’s most beautiful beaches. It is here where the Myrtus Communis grows, embracing the sunrise and refreshed by the summer sea breeze.

In July 1985, a fire devastated the whole area, destroying much of the original terrain. The land was eventually purchased in 2009 and restored entirely via manual labor without the use of agricultural machinery. During this rehabilitative process small Myrtus Communis seedlings were selected, planted and overtime transformed into healthy shrubs that currently yield increasing amounts of high quality mirto berries, much to our satisfaction.

Today, along with its flourishing mirto berries, the estate includes a production workshop, insulated infusion and storage room, and areas dedicated to tasting.