Giorgio Sanna

I grew up with my grandparents and our coporate philosophy and marketing approach have always focused on the figure of my granfather, Giorgio Sanna, a man I have always admired

both for who he was and for the life he lived. After having fought five years in World War II, two of which were spent as a prisoner in Germany, and having escaped the horrors of war, upon returning home he was abducted, for reasons that are still unclear. Those were difficult times. Life in the fields were often a matter of the survival of the fittest and taking retaliation against persons or property was common even for trivial reasons. My grandfather's case was the first in the history of kidnappings in Sardinia to see an entire town (Bitti) mobilize and organize a man hunt with weapons in hand. When he was released and returned to his father, the town began to celebrate. The men figured their guns in the air, and my grandfather was nicknamed Jogli Vasatu (George the Kissed) on account of the tons of kisses he received from the girls.

Despite living a long life (94 years) and difficult life, the goal that Giorgio Sanna and my grandmother Leocadia had was that of keeping the family together even under the greatest diffuculties. They saw their 7 children obtain degrees and occupy prestigious jobs, and went on to teach their 9 grandchildren principles and values such as honor and dignity, which are increasingly rare nowadays.

When I decided to walk the path toward opening my own business, being inspired by my grandfather came naturally. His portrait represents the company’s logo and his respect for nature and philosophy of life, which encompasses those of my product Sannai Mirto: A unique liqueur with an unmistakable flavor and fragrance that are reminiscent of emotions and stories of the past of the marvelous and mysterious land that is Sardinia.”

Antonio Castelli