Natural Cultivation

We are producers, managers and salespeople, but above all we are farmers. The berry whose quality is the primary influencer of the finished product, is the principal ingredient used in the production of our liqueur.

We use berries from our carefully selected plants that are flourishing in their natural habitat protected from winter winds and overexposure from the sun by surrounding shrubs and trees (such as the strawberry, pear, wild olive and holm just to name a few).

We believe that the MIRTO plant requires only its natural setting to be fruitful, therefore none of our crops are treated with pesticides. We are proud to say that our plants are finely honed with hoes, pruning shears and when necessary, water from our irrigation system during the summer. We embrace as innovative, a crop gestation that depends more on the four seasons and less on man’s influence. We face this risk with courage and the trust in the goodness of our land, convinced that quality is synonymous with fully respecting the plants in their natural environment.

Our joy does not depend on the number of bottles sold, but in being able to give the opportunity to the consumer to appreciate what we offer. It also lies in the passion and enthusiasm that drive us to handle our product in such a meticulous manner, knowing that the uniqueness of our liqueur will essentially be determined by their very own benevolent fruits.