We produce three types of artisanal MIRTO liqueur, which differ by their sensory and taste properties, and are able to intoxicate, give off a fragrance, and sweeten different palates, which harmonizes its authenticity with elegance and refinement. Artisanal is synonymous with quality and for us, this summarizes our Mission:

  1. Crafts: we only the berries organoleptically prepared (our plants our selected from 'University of Sassari') for the production of our liqueur, the entire process is handmade, from the picking of the berries, to the labeling of the bottles.
  2. Natural Cultivation: we use only the berries grown naturally, without the use of any pesticides.
  3. Maximization: we use the maximum amount berries for the infusions, as they are the main ingredient of our product.
  4. Particularity: we harvest the berries during the early morning hours when they have the best organoleptic characteristics.
  5. Tradition: we start collecting immediately after the first winter frost, as we were taught by our families.
  6. Freshness: for the infusions we only use berries that have been picked, washed, and dried in open air, never frozen.
  7. Material Selection: in addition to the berries, we only use ingredients that are of the highest quality.
  8. Storage Conservation: because MIRTO liqueur suffers from sunlight and air, we store our infusions in a climate-controlled cellar without light, which is the reason why our bottles are small (25cl) and painted black.
  9. Unique Recipes: we meticulously follow the old family recipes, only customizing small details in order to make our liqueur unique to our company. Our MIRTO is ideal to accompany Mediterranean dishes, leaving the taste in your mouth long after the meal and refreshing your stomach and mood.
  10. Limited Production: we made the deliberate choice not to invest in large scale production, in order to maintain the integrity and quality of care that we offer the customer.